Flexiant FCO SlipStream connector

Posted by Konstantin Skaburskas on 09-Dec-2014 09:52:00


SixSq and Flexiant are happy to announce the availability of the SlipStream cloud connector for FCO - Flexiant

The connector was developed as part of the CELAR project, supported by the EC’s Seventh Framework Program, which in turn aims to develop an elasticity platform for cloud applications.


The connector covers the standard set of capabilities that fully integrate it with all the workflows available in SlipStream:

  • Run image
  • Build image
  • Start/terminate deployment

The connector was tested on real applications in the CELAR project as part of scalability workflows utilising the "mutable run" feature of SlipStream. It was officially released on November 14th 2014, when CELAR announced the public availability of the first version of the CELAR Elasticity Platform.


The code for the connector is open sourced and available here.

The pre-build binaries are available as RPMs for the RedHat-based systems from CELAR's public YUM repository. Click here for details on enabling the CELAR Releases repository. To install the connector on the pre-installed SlipStream server please run:

yum install slipstream-connector-fco slipstream-connector-fco-python

Once the connector is installed, you should instantiate its instances and configure them via SlipStream’s standard https://<your-instance>/configuration resource.

If you want to know more about SlipStream and deployment automations, feel free to contact the SlipStream Support team with follow up questions.

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