Charles Loomis

Cal is Chief Technical Officer at SixSq. He trained as a high-energy physicist and worked for nine years on major physics experiments at Fermilab and CERN. He also worked in European computing technology projects for CNRS in France. For SixSq, he has been instrumental in the design of SlipStream, the company’s flagship product.
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Tackling Cloud Jargon

Posted by Charles Loomis on 02-Jan-2019 10:00:00

My previous post on cloud technologies didn't cover the type of computing resources provided by the cloud or who the customers of cloud services are. Providing those specifics involves understanding some of the jargon associated with the cloud.
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Towards Automated Cloud Application Placement

Posted by Charles Loomis on 05-Mar-2016 17:52:59

By using portable cloud application definitions, you can choose the best cloud service provider every time you deploy your application with SixSq's cloud deployment software solution, SlipStream. To make intelligent choices, however, you need reliable and timely information about each provider.

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What is Cloud Technology?

Posted by Charles Loomis on 17-Jun-2015 10:00:00

What is cloud technology? Because of the hype surrounding cloud technologies, the term “cloud” has been used to label and to sell a vast array of products that have little or nothing to do with the “cloud”. This serves only to confuse people about what features a cloud should have and how they could benefit from a cloud. To clarify things a bit, let’s see how cloud technologies have emerged from previous ideas.

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