Cristóvão Cordeiro

Cristóvão Cordeiro is an R&D Project Manager at SixSq. With a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Coimbra, he has launched his career by joining CERN as a Computing Engineer, specializing on the integration of cloud computing resources into the largest distributed computing grid in the world, the WLCG. There, he has taken a specific interest for the lifecycle management and performance analysis of cloud resources, being responsible for the provisioning, configuration and monitoring of large scale deployments in a worldwide collaboration with multiple well renowned companies like Microsoft, ATOS, IBM, DBCE and SixSq. After 4 years and driven by his past experience, Cristóvão has integrated into SixSq’s team and is now managing the integration of container support into SlipStream and NuvlaBox, while also coordinating several H2020 projects like HNSciCloud, EU-SEC and mF2C.
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Improving Emergency Situation Management in Smart Cities

Posted by Cristóvão Cordeiro on 09-Oct-2017 16:47:23

Managing the Fog

Fog computing and edge computing are ways of bringing cloud computing capabilities to the edge of the network and closer to the rapidly growing number of connected devices and sensors that consume computing services and generate massive amounts of data. This raises difficulties in terms of the architecture and management of computing systems and it is exactly this issue which is being addressed by  the mF2C project.

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