Making the Case for Edge Computing

Posted by Marc-Elian Bégin on 5 May 2020
Are you asking yourself when edge computing makes sense, and when it doesn't? Well, you are the right place. Read on...

Why does edge computing matter?

Edge computing is a response to the explosion of data produced by IoT, sensors and other new digital sources. The idea is instead of pushing the raw data to the cloud for processing, let’s do the opposite and move the compute near the source of data.  I like to call this near data processing. 

Partners and customers regularly ask me this very good question: what are the key drivers for choosing an edge architecture and what are the criteria for not doing so?

If you have asked yourself the same question, read on...

Four criteria calling for edge computing

Ask yourself these four questions to establish if there’s a need for edge:

  1. Is there a need for near-real-time action on data generated by sensors?
  2. Is the data generated too big to transfer economically and sensibly to the cloud?
  3. Is the internet link between the sensors/actuators and the cloud unreliable or jittery?
  4. Is there a privacy/security issue with transferring or processing the data in the cloud (public or private)?

If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then there's a good chance you need an intelligent edge (not just a standard gateway).

A few examples of effective edge use cases

Examples of use cases benefiting from edge computing meeting one or several of these criteria include:

  1. retail stores
  2. factory floors
  3. city air quality and traffic monitoring and alerts
  4. dynamic lighting
  5. cruise ship management
  6. robotics applications
  7. big data science sensors
  8. outpost deployments
  9. field offices
  10. emergency relief infrastructures
There are many more, but these tick at least one box of the four criteria above.

Can we help?

We have experience with these use cases, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need support with assessing the potential benefits of edge computing.

As strong proponents of open source and open systems, you can count on our honest advice.

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