Improving Emergency Situation Management in Smart Cities

Posted by Cristóvão Cordeiro on 9 October 2017

Managing the Fog

Fog computing and edge computing are ways of bringing cloud computing capabilities to the edge of the network and closer to the rapidly growing number of connected devices and sensors that consume computing services and generate massive amounts of data. This raises difficulties in terms of the architecture and management of computing systems and it is exactly this issue which is being addressed by  the mF2C project.

As one of the project partners, SixSq attended a project meeting in Barcelona. We took the opportunity to talk with members of the team and find why the project is important to them

logo_mf2c.pngReal-life Applications

mF2C has three great use cases which will test the project’s tools. The first is Emergency Situation Management in Smart Cities which aims to validate the implementation of novel technologies for the management of emergency situations in smart cities. The solution is based on the deployment of distributed edge-elements, which are capable of capturing signals and data, as well as a centralised server, which integrates information in a cloud platform.  The proposed use case will be adapted to different scenarios such as Smart Building and Smart Industry to evaluate its effectiveness.  

This part if the project is being led by Worldsensing, a global supplier of instruments that monitor streets, buildings, bridges, tunnels, ports, wells and other smart city elements. Their R&D Project Manager Laura Val spoke to us about mF2C's  use case. 

Why is the mF2C project important to you? 

Given that urban areas are experiencing massive population growth, city and environment management is becoming more problematic. The mF2C paradigm will lead to a computing platform which will provide more efficient management of detected incidents, which is highly crucial in today’s smart city systems.

What are you contributing to the project and expecting to get from it? 

Widely recognized as an IoT pioneer, Worldsensing will leverage the mF2C project to implement secure and powerful specific IoT services based on a prolific relation between end-devices and a central platform. A rightful fit for a Fog-to-Cloud architecture.

Visit the mF2C project website or the mF2C product page for more information. Or get in touch with SixSq. We'd be happy to help. 

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