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Posted by Konstantin Skaburskas on 14 March 2016


Using SlipStream for Multi-cloud IaaS provisioning within CELAR

SixSq recently wrapped up its participation in the CELAR project, which was funded by the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

One of the challenges the CELAR project had set itself, as part of its goal to develop elastic resource provisioning for cloud applications, was to be able to seamlessly provision complex multi-tier user applications on different clouds. However, to achieve this, the team had to address the issue that different clouds have different IaaS APIs. SixSq was tasked with finding a solution for this. The team decided to tackle the problem by using a provisioner that could abstractly describe requirements at the cloud level and provision the required resources, which is where SlipStream comes into play. Slipstream does exactly that and here are a few details on how it does it.

First, let's look at the role SlipStream fulfils to deliver multi-cloud capabilities.

SlipStream’s role:
  • Provide a number of IaaS connectors backed up by a respective cloud driver
  • Use the connector to maintain the required high-level SlipStream user/image/deployment parameters and map them to the cloud driver
  • Provide a number of base functions for standard driver implementations: libcloud, custom drivers
  • Provide a pluggable connector architecture 
For more technical details on writing a connector for SlipStream, check out our documentation.

From that point on, users have to provide the following information, generally through the SlipStream UI.

The user’s role:
  • Define Images and Deployments
  • Provide cloud credentials for the configured cloud connectors
  • Run the deployment
  • Monitor the state of the deployment

Via its REST API, SlipStream can then be used as the multi-cloud application lifecycle manager (providing provisioning and scaling capabilities).

This is exactly what CELAR does. It first automatically creates native images from high-level recipes or blueprints and deployment definitions. It then deploys applications according to these definitions, monitors their behaviour and scales vertically/horizontally up/down according the user-defined elastic constraints.

CELAR IaaS partners Flexiant and Okeanos have developed connectors for SlipStream that are open source. SlipStream has many other open source connectors, as well as several proprietary ones which are available under license. This makes SlipStream a truly multi-cloud technology and sets it apart in the market.

If you want to try out SlipStream, check out Nuvla our online application deployment platform and see how easy it is to deploy, scale and manage all your apps from one platform.


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