Scale test your edge with our 10k virtual testbed

Posted by Marc-Elian Bégin on 30 March 2021
To ensure your edge computing system scales smoothly, scale and stress testing is a good idea. SixSq will soon release a virtual edge testbed dedicated to scale testing, integrated in the edge management platform and marketplace. 

Scaling is key in most edge projects.  And since the edge tends to be geographically massively distributed, testing it beforehand is a good idea.

At SixSq, we are preparing a new service, where each customer will be able to access its own dedicated fleet of virtual edge devices for testing.  In other words, offered as a service, customers will be able to purchase, on the fly, their fleet of virtual edge devices, initially up to 10’000.  But this is only a first step, as we plan to increase this to 100’000 virtual devices, as demand grows.

Each device will be able to include generated data, like video and audio streams, such that the environment of each virtual edge device is realistic.  Each device will also include a functional NuvlaBox Engine software stack, which means you will be able to deploy any app from the App Store, including of course your own.  This means all the cool features you’ve been enjoying like VPN secured access, telemetry, alerts and notifications and more will be available, at scale and in the safety and comfort of a private testbed.

Most importantly, this also means that you will be able to exercise your apps deployments and upgrade strategies, at scale.  This could include canary testing, staged upgrades, scheduled deployments, etc.  You will also be able to stress test your cloud backend services, to ensure they are able to sustain the load generated by your fleet of edge devices, once you deploy in production at scale.

Easy provisioning

This service will be integrated as all other services, ensuring simple contracting, straightforward billing and invoicing, and of course a pay-as-you go pricing policy.  Customers will also be able to stop their fleet at any time.

Use cases

From customer discussions, we expect this new service to be relevant to the following sectors:

  1. Manufacturing / Industry 4.0
  2. Transport
  3. Airport
  4. Harbour
  5. Cities
  6. Retail
  7. Mobility
  8. Pharma
  9. Health

Each of these sectors require scale.  And since many are also regulated, this new testbed service will be the ideal place to road test governance policies and operations procedures.  We therefore hope that this new service will help speed-up these processes, at scale.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this for two main reasons:

  1. Provide our customers with a safe environment to ensure scaling happens smoothly and without pain
  2. Ensure our platform performs well under stress and ahead of live deployments.
  3. This will also help us commit to more strict SLAs in the near future, responding to customer demands.

We strive to continue building a world class edge-to-cloud and edge-to-edge management platform and marketplace. And providing this type of cutting edge service is part of our commitment to continually ensuring that our customers can scale with us, without risk and in a secure manner.

Over to you

I hope this new service plays a big part in addressing the need to build confidence that your edge project is ready to scale, with confidence.  We are still tuning the service, so please get in touch if you have any specific challenges you’d like to address with this new service.

Stay safe and healthy, at the edge!

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