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What makes a smart city even smarter? Shared edge infrastructure

Create a future-proof solution for your smart city by implementing a shared infrastructure
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4 ways to know if you need edge computing

Would your company benefit from an edge computing solution? 4 quick questions to consider.
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Before lift-off: The parts required for excellent edge computing

Embarking on an edge computing journey? It's helpful to know what's running under the hood.
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Taking off with edge computing? Don’t clip your own wings

Considering an edge solution? Read on for tips and potential pitfalls.
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Why fly blind? Free your business-critical data from the cloud today

There may be trouble ahead for companies unable to plan and operate in near-real-time. Edge computing provides the solution.
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Life at the Edge is Better with Friends

In the midst of social distancing, it is with great excitement that SixSq is introducing the most social NuvlaBox Engine ever, the v2.0!
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Bringing DevOps to the edge using for Continuous Deployment

Implementing a successful edge computing strategy requires close cooperation between software developers and IT operations.  Adopting DevOps principles is therefore the natural way to go. In this blog, we explore how the application management platform enables you to extend your DevOps workflow to the edge.
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Forensic analysis at the edge with the BlackBox App

Edge computing systems work in a semi-autonomous way, which is great for providing fast responses, no privacy intrusion and reduced costs from network and cloud storage. But when an incident occurs, you want to archive to the cloud as much data as possible to give you insights into what led to this incident: enter the Blackbox app.
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Scale test your edge with our 10k virtual testbed

To ensure your edge computing system scales smoothly, scale and stress testing is a good idea. SixSq will soon release a virtual edge testbed dedicated to scale testing, integrated in the edge management platform and marketplace. 
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Always Know How Your Edge is Doing with Notifications and Alerts

Don't stress about the state of your fleet of edge computing devices or your edge system. Instead, depend on a reliable alert and notification system which tells you when your edge requires your attention, or if everything is good.
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